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Nautical Workz is a web site built by boaters, for boaters. Combined, we have over 100 years of boating experience. We have cruised parts of the Great Loop, been live-aboards on our sail boat, taken our family fishing, and just anchored-down in our favorite cove on the lake. We at Nautical Workz know first-hand how difficult it is to find reliable reviews for services you need; and we want to eliminate some of the headache and drama for you. We are committed to providing our members with real customer recommendations you can trust. Our boats are an investment, and Nautical Workz helps you keep yours running and looking great.

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It's time to get the boat ready.

It's time to get the boat ready.
It's time to get the boat ready.

Happy New Year to all our boating friends.  It should be another great year on the water and we are very excited about some of the new events that are in the planning stages.  More on those later.

Let's talk about the here and now...  We've already received e-mails and some social media inquiries about who can do what type of work on boats.  The exciting part of this is it's never to early to schedule your service.  I've seen way to many boaters wait until the week of Memorial Day and want to know why they can't get their boat detailed, tuned up and ready for the water.   Could it be they waited to long?  The answer is yes.  

Here's an example, last night I was contacted by a member about two boats that need to be restored.  His question was who, one's a sailboat and the other is a runabout, that was the easy part.  The harder issue to address was when.  I explained to him the importance of scheduling the re-store now.  One big reason is the providers are not as busy as say May, but part supplies are just now ramping up so there shouldn't be a parts shortage or delay in receiving them.  I say that because one boater last summer had to wait almost six weeks for parts and he and his family missed Memorial Day through July 4th boating.  Not a happy family.

Also, I remember not to long ago when we started boating in March.  We had 70 & 80 degree weekends and while we were out on the water others were trying to get their boats ready and then April hit and we had crappy rainy weekends.  

So the moral of the story is this, if you are going to need anything done to your boat before you hit the water then call and schedule the service now.  You don't have to take it in right now, but get the appointment.  You'll be glad you did and of course so will your family when you are on the water having fun and making memories.

Boat safe, boat often and we'll see you on the water.


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