November 14, 2016
Blog Post

Boat Alarms - Us Going Away

It's was a sad heartfelt phone call on Friday. What started out as a simple business deal turned into a great friendship and more. But business is business.

It started out six years ago, Amy called and told me she saw a van with a "Boat*" sticker on it and suggested that I call and see what it's about. I was over the wireless industry so I was looking for a new job, business opportunity or something. So I made the call and then meet the owner, inventory, programmer, etc. for Boat*, Dwayne Ogle. He was a great guy and developed this alarm because his boat had been broken into and after looking around couldn't find an alarm system that would stop the criminal before damage of the boat or worse. He worked with a couple of suppliers and before long had Boat*Alarms up and running.

That's about the time we called him. Amy loved the idea of the alarm and some of the great features it had for the safety of the boat and the people on the boat. So we took a chance and became reps for it. Our first outing was as a boat show in Oriental, NC and even though we didn't sell an alarm I learned lot about boat shows and the big difference between having a boat on the coast and one here in town. I also made some great contacts that we still have to this day. We did manage to sell seven systems from that time to now and we've learned a lot about security on a boat and some of the problems and concerns boaters have.

So fast forward six years and the phone call from Dwayne, due to technology issues and slowing sales and that fact that his job has grown he is shutting down Boat* today. It's very sad for me because this was my first venture into the boating business. I loved the alarms and all that they could offer and as one owner said, it saved not only his boat but the marina when the power went out and the ice came. You could almost say due to my involvement with Dwayne that's what lead to Nautical Workz. He was one of the first to be on the site and one of the first sales to our members. That was almost three years ago.

So, thanks Dwayne for all the support you have given us over the last six years and we wish you all the best in the future, and if anything changes be sure to call, we'll be here for you.

John Geer