June 2, 2016
Blog Post

Welcome to the new & improved website.

Welcome to the new and very much improved nauticalworkz.com.  We are very excited about the improvements and we'd like to thank a few people.

First, is our website developer.  BMG and Brian have been great supporters of our little business venture and have jumped in with both feet.  We couldn't have done this without them and are pleased with the results.  Also, being a boater and cruiser helps us understand what we as boaters need and are looking for.  Now if we can only get an invitation to ride along. *wink *wink

Second,  is our providers and members.  It's because of you and the comments and questions you asked Charlie and I three years ago while working at West Marine that we came up with this idea.  And because of that I'm very proud of the relationships we've made along the way.  It's also exciting to not only see our members save money on services but also get into boating.  One of our key missions is to promote boating and the boating lifestyle.  Thank you each and every one!

Third, is my partner in crime, Amy.  She looked at me like I was crazy for starting a business.  But once she talked to a couple of our providers before the site launched, she was hooked.  She handles some of the back end of the site (I'm still not sure how she does some of the things she does) and handles most of the social media.  And what she's done with contacting and gaining support from companies through social media is unbelievable.  We're being followed by some big hitters in the industry and that makes us very happy.  

So what now?  Well we're not done yet.  What you are seeing is the beginning and we still have lots of features to add and special offers and coupons from our providers.  So stay logged in and we'll see you on the water.

John Geer